How to find a doctor in Delray Beach

I am sick as a dog!!! – What can I do?

Depending on the severity of your illness there´s different options.

Many pharmacies like CVS or Walgreens have walk-in or minute clinics where you can describe your Symptoms and a pharmacist will tell you which non-perscription medication you can take. This usually is the way to go with common cold or flu like illnesses. If you don´t feel better in a matter of a day or two you should definitely go and see a doctor.

Here´s a map for Delray Beach with Urgent care/ Walk-in clinics:

The easiest way to locate a doctor that works within your insurance network throughout the entire USA is online.

  • Click on START NOW
  • Pick the Provider type – typically URGENT CARE is what you need.
  • Enter your ZIP code and your search radius.
  • Click on SEARCH NOW

If you are not sure please check with HR or contact us.