Writing an application in English might not be your favorite thing to do. We hear you 😉

Here are 10 useful tipps to score big on your application for your US adventure.

  1. Apply at Travel2work: Alex or Andrea are your go to people at Travel2work. Pick one of them to process your application and send your documents to alex@travel2work.com or andrea@travel2work.com
  2. Reason you are applying: Why would you like to apply for the position and participate in one of our programs
  3. Avoid unprofessional email addresses: to present yourself in a professional manner set up a professional email address e.g. lastname@hotmail.com and avoid using email addresses like funkybuddha95@gmail.com – that´s not going to impress.
  4. Skype contact: most of the visa sponsoring agencies and also the host companies will at some point talk to you via Skype. If you already have an account please include it in your CV/Resume.
  5. Professionl picture: our clients and also the visa sponsoring agency will need to see a picture of you and we recommend to use a professional picture that presents you in a positive manner. Try to avoid selfies and pictures that show half of a friend or some other objects that should not be in your application picture.
  6. Mind the gap! Please include all professional experience even it was only an internship, travel months or time of unemployment. It is important that the CV does not show any gaps. Please include months and year with every experience.
  7. Professional experience: as mentioned before please list all your experiences by months and year. Make sure to name the company you worked for and brief description of what you did there.
  8. Avoid too many attachements: to get started we only need your CV and a picture of you. Certificates and other documents are not necessary in the beginning and might only be needed at a later point when we start the visa process.
  9. Keep it in order: To keep your CV easy to read please start with your education before listing your professional experience starting with the most recent.
  10. English vocabulary: If you have any questions on how to translate your education or anything else please don´t hesitate to ask us. We are happy to help you find the right English term.


Good luck preparing your application!